Common Questions About Divorce

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Indiana divorce law is complicated, and all couples can expect to face their own challenges during the proceedings. Although every divorce situation is different, there are a few common questions…

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What is Family Law?

Define Family Law Family law is a legal practice that covers issues relating to marriage, family, kids, and parenting time. There are several types of cases that can fall under…

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Negotiating the Child Custody Process

The child custody process can be contentious and also mentally draining pipes, yet there is nothing more crucial than your children. Also pairs that have an otherwise amicable divorce might…

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Common Child Support Questions

When a couple who has children together decides to go their separate ways, child support is often one of the most challenging issues to work out. Regardless of the custody…

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What is Restitution

Restitution is a punishment given out in criminal cases when a defendant has unlawfully benefitted from someone else’s economic loss. When a defendant is ordered to pay restitution, they must make…

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