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How Does Child Support Work in Indiana?


In Indiana, the starting point for child support is Indiana’s Child Support Guidelines. This is based on, among other things, parents’ incomes, cost of daycare and health-related insurance(s), custody arrangements, and other factors. But determining the required child support amount is not simply a mechanical application of the guidelines. Without experienced and knowledgeable legal representation, you could end up receiving too little or paying too much child support.

Child Support Modification

Under Indiana law, you need to show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances to obtain a modification of child support. After you receive your first child support order, your life circumstances will almost certainly change. Perhaps your child has special needs or gifts that need adequate attention at school; or maybe one parent has had significant employment and income changes. Generally Indiana courts decide child support based upon income and the number of children in the family. Indiana law only allows for you to modify your support one time per year, so you need competent and aggressive representation to get you the support that you need.

Below you’ll find a link to the Child Support Rules and Guidelines; If you need legal advice on child support as it relates to your case, call 317-762-3263 to be connected with a law firm in your area.

Child Support Rules and Guidelines

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