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First and foremost, divorce cases are about the lives of the people involved. Divorce means permanent changes for both spouses and children, which leaves many important issues to address. If you need an Indianapolis divorce attorney, speak to one of our divorce attorneys today. Call us at 317-536-2559 or fill out the contact us form for help right now.

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Divorce Will Affect Your Quality of Life

A divorce lawyer understands the outcome of your divorce will affect the quality of your family life and assisting husbands and wives in these challenging decisions with regard to home life, property, and parenthood. We are committed to helping our clients through these challenges with compassionate yet uncompromising representation. We are dedicated to helping people by connecting them with the right Indianapolis divorce attorney across Indianapolis and its surrounding counties with any of these issues.


An Attorney that Handles All Types of Divorce

Your divorce attorney in Indianapolis confidently handles all types of divorce from straightforward uncomplicated divorces with no children and little property to complex divorces involving significant assets and contested child custody issues. The law firm provides clients with a realistic perspective of their case and the potential outcomes. We work diligently to achieve our clients’ goals. An attorney will start by sitting down with you and listening to your needs. We make sure you fully understand how each decision you make will impact your family. Your divorce lawyer will not let you rush into emotional decisions to fight for settlement details that will cost you money in court but might have a negative impact on what your life will be like in the future.

Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

A qualified Indianapolis divorce attorney will help you with several items in your divorce including:

  • Filing essential documents
  • Navigating the proceedings
  • Asserting your civil rights every step of the way

If you’re unsure how to find the right legal counsel, start by asking a few key questions during the initial consultation:

Are You Experienced with Cases Like Mine?

Inquire as to how your case will be handled. An experienced professional will be able to provide you with some potential strategies for achieving an amicable separation. Divorce cases don’t all share the same elements, but some do. Find a law firm with experience representing clients who are like you, whether you are a high net worth individual, your spouse started a small business, or you have children with special needs.

Are You Available to Answer Questions or Address Concerns?

Your concern or question will need prompt and attentive attention. You might ask how you can contact your attorney’s office and what communication you can expect at your initial consultation if he or she does not provide a direct contact method.

How Will You Protect My Privacy?

A reputable divorce law firm will have systems in place to keep their clients’ personal information private. As an example, they won’t send sensitive financial documents via email. Make sure the practice you’re considering knows how to protect their clients from data breaches. Though it’s OK to correspond electronically, they shouldn’t be doing so without using various software programs to keep everything secure.

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Call an Indianapolis Divorce Attorney

At Indianapolis Family Attorney Network we have attorneys that have been supporting clients through a number of family law issues, from paternity disputes to a surrogacy lawyer and an adoption attorney and of course, an Indianapolis, Indiana divorce lawyer. Call our office at 317-536-2559.

FAQ About Indianapolis Divorce Attorney

Q: Who gets to live in the house during a divorce?

A: In some cases, the parties might determine that they can cohabitate during the separation process. If the house allows sufficient, one spouse might choose to relocate right into a different room. Nevertheless, most divorcing pairs do not desire to continue living together, and the events are faced with the conflict over that gets to remain in your house.

If there is no arrangement concerning who gets to continue to be in the marriage house, one celebration can ask for the “unique usage and belongings.” Suppose the court orders exclusive usage and also belongings to one party. In that case, the opposing partner can no longer reside or go into the marital home without the specific permission of the in-spouse or court order.

When children are included, the best training course is to maintain as steady a setting as feasible for the advantage of the kids. As a result, in cases wherein one parent has key custodianship of the youngsters, that moms and dad would more than likely receive exclusive use and possession of the house.

Q: What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?

A: A divorce ends the marriage and makes both parties “single” again. Legal separation, on the other hand, maintains the marital status. Separation entails the loss of marital status, while legal separation preserves it.

Q: How expensive is it to get divorced?

A: Depending on a variety of factors, such as the ability of the parties to be reasonable and the attorneys chosen by each party, a divorce can be very cheap or ridiculously expensive.

Q: What if I have a prenuptial agreement?

A: First, determine whether your prenuptial agreement is valid and therefore enforceable in family court. Either you or your spouse may want to challenge the validity of the contract. If the prenuptial agreement is either not challenged or found to be valid after being challenged, your divorce just became a lot simpler. It may or may not be necessary to address additional issues in a divorce based on the terms of your prenuptial agreement.

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Would a much-needed divorce be a good thing for you? Do you need to respond to divorce papers that have been served on you? Are you in need of child support ordered by the court? Is it your intention to establish your parental rights to a child born out of wedlock? You need a family lawyer in Indianapolis to aggressively defend your interests. Call today

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Family law is a specialized field of law that deals specifically with domestic relationships and family matters. In general, family law involves a division of civil and criminal court cases.

Divorce Attorney

irst and foremost, divorce cases are about the lives of the people involved. Divorce means permanent changes for both spouses and children, which leaves many important issues to address.

Adoption Attorney

Adoption can be a difficult and frustrating process. Our Indiana adoption attorneys provide cost-effective, affordable, and efficient adoption solutions to your adoption needs.

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Child custody can be decided between the parties through a separation agreement, parenting agreement or consent order.
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