3 Important Keys to a Successful Child Support Meeting

3 Important Keys to a Successful Child Support Meeting

It is possible that you and your ex-spouse will disagree over child support. The judge will decide a matter based on a hearing if mediation or negotiation fails. With the help of a child support lawyer and using these tips, you can have a successful child support meeting. If you need a child support attorney in Indianapolis, call 317-536-2559.

Collect Income & Expense Records

Bring your recent income tax returns, W-2s, and pay stubs, as well as any proof of other income, and make copies. Interest from bank accounts, side gigs, temporary or permanent jobs, or unemployment benefits may be part of your earnings.

You’ll also have to show the court what you pay out, such as:

  • property taxes
  • mortgage payments
  • child support for other children
  • child care costs
  • health insurance premiums
  • etc.

calculate time with kids

Calculate Time Spent with the Children

How much time you have with your children can be taken into account by courts when determining child support. Bring records, if possible, and add up the time. When you travel out of state with the children over the summer, include plane tickets and hotel bills from your trip.

Arrive Early in Court or Online

You should leave home with plenty of time to spare if you must appear in person at the courthouse. Consider the possibility of delays due to weather and traffic and plan your route and travel time in advance.

child support hearing

Make sure you have a simple and clean background for your videoconference hearing a few days before the meeting. Check your computer equipment and software ahead of time. Be sure you have the correct log-in code and instructions you need by communicating with the court’s clerk or your child support attorney.