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Adoption can be a difficult and frustrating process. Our Indiana adoption attorneys provide cost effective, affordable and efficient adoption solutions to your adoption needs. With the experience necessary to make your process smooth, our attorneys provide top-notch client service. It’s our duty to cut through the red tape for you and stand by your side every step of the way until your adoption has come to completion.


Types of Adoption in Indiana

In the state of Indiana, there are four basic types of adoption:

  • Public agency adoption
  • Domestic private agency adoption
  • International adoption
  • Independent adoption

There are different requirements, costs, and timing between and within the different types of Indiana adoption. To decide which type of adoption is best for you, think seriously about the type of child you would like to adopt (for example, an infant, an older child or group of siblings, a child from another country, a child who has special needs, etc.). After you’ve made the decision about adoption, you need to contact an Indiana adoption attorney at 317-536-2559 to speak with a lawyer who is experienced in the complex Indiana adoption laws.


Experienced In All Types Of Adoption

Our family law attorneys are knowledgeable about the legal issues and practical considerations in different types of adoption proceedings:

  • Stepparent adoption — Formally adopting a stepchild, including termination of parental rights
  • Private adoption — Ensuring that arrangements with the birth mother are legally compliant and that the transition goes smoothly
  • International adoption — Helping couples deal with foreign governments, intermediary organizations, the extensive paperwork and “re-adoption” under Ohio law
  • Grandparent adoption — Enabling grandparents or other relatives to legally adopt a child who has been orphaned or abandoned

Speak with a Indiana Adoption Attorney

During your free initial phone consultation, our knowledgeable adoption lawyers will take time to listen and answer your legal questions.  Give us a call at 317-536-2559.

Indiana Adoption FAQ

Q: Do you need to be a parent in order to adopt in Indiana?


A: Contrary to popular belief, being a current parent is not a requirement for adding to your family through adoption.


Q: Are only straight married couples allowed to adopt in Indiana?


A: Sexual orientation and current relationship status are not deciding factors in whether an individual or couple can adopt a child from foster care. In fact, there are many children in foster care who need homes that are welcoming and accepting of youth who identify as LGBTQ+.


Q: Is adoption expensive in Indiana?


A: While it is expected that an individual or couple will be financially ready to add children to their family, there is no specific income requirement, and in fact, there are some waiting children who will qualify for financial assistance and services after the adoption has been completed.


Q: Is there a background check to adopt a child in Indiana?


A: In order to qualify as an adoptive parent, an individual or couple must be able to pass a FBI fingerprint check and fulfill all training requirements.


Q: How long does it take to adopt a child in Indiana?


A: It is a fact that an Indiana adoption can take some time and is dependent on many variables. Most parents are qualified, meaning they have met all state requirements in 6 to 12 months.


Q: Is there a general phone number to call to get more information about adopting a child in Indiana?


A: Yes! You can reach a DCS adoption specialist at 888-25-ADOPT or 888-252-3678.

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Adoption can be a difficult and frustrating process. Our Indiana adoption attorneys provide cost-effective, affordable, and efficient adoption solutions to your adoption needs.

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